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Doctor Mario Dumitrascu

what are vimax pills ?

Vimax Pills formula is a very powerful yet natural , pure 100% herbal product specially used for male enhancement. Vimax will definately increase your penis length and maybe even more important, your girth ! I will certainly help you to achieve the strongest erections you've ever saw. Vimax is formulated only from around-the-globe herbs proven to help your penis problems. We can vouch Vimax will 100% improve your sexual performance.
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Women do care about your penis size. If you've been told otherwise, you have a small penis and they didn't want to hurt you. But they will cheat you with some other dude with a 9" penis. You want this to happen to you ? You might be a good person but your loved one won't stay for long with you if you don't start taking Vimax today. We even had a recent survey and over 50,000 women told us what's the size they preffer. 78% of them said at least 8". Ultimately, it's up to you if you want to use Vimax or not. Just think twice what 50,000 women said...

is the result permanent ?

Yes, it's really working and it's permanent. You will control your penis growth simply because after you reached your desired size you can stop anytime. Most of our users say it's not ok to have your penis larger then 9", mainly because 99% women feel comfortable with a penis 9 inch maximum. Obvious, you're in control and you can decide whenever you want to stop.